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Game 2 All Blacks 7s v Wales 7s Rugby | Men’s Dubai Sevens 2021

The Dubai Sevens has repeated history by successfully defending their Sevens World Cup title for both Men’s and Women’s. Next up USA New Zealand Rugby Live, we have the 2021/2022 World Rugby Sevens Series which will start from 5 December 2021 till 9 December 2021.

The 2019/20 Men’s Rugby 7’s will kick off with a visit to Dubai in the UAE from 5-7 December, and using the options listed in this guide you won’t miss the available action when watching at home or streaming matches live to a mobile device.

New Zealand vs Wales Dubai 7s Rugby 2021

World Rugby   All blacks Sevens vs Wales 7s – Dubai Sevens
Day & Date  December 5th to 7th
Venue The Sevens, Dubai
Start Time 17:06 PM Local Time
Television Sevens Video & SKY Sports PPV
Live Stream WATCH HERE


World Rugby Sevens live streaming on Sevens video 

If you’ve landed on this page it’s obviously because you want to watch the World Rugby Sevens.

World Rugby Sevens is available to live streaming on SevensVideo   , Also on ESPN+.

No extra cables or boxes are needed!

ESPN+ gives all new users a free 7-day trial.

This service is available in America.

Live coverage of all matches will be available for free through iTV and S4C (UK), CBC (Australia), and TVNZ (New Zealand). There are also paid streams via NBC Sports (US), Eurosport (Europe), Fox Sports (Australia) and Supersport (South Africa). Here are the match coverage breakdown for the different countries:

  • United Kingdom – Available on iTV (FREE) and S4C (FREE)
  • United States – Available on NBC Sports
  • Europe – Available on Eurosport
  • Australia – Available on Fox Sports
  • Canada – Available on CBC (FREE)
  • New Zealand – Available on TVNZ (FREE)
  • South Africa – Available on Supersport

Dubai Men’s Rugby 7s Live TV (Sydney time)

Date Event Time
Saturday 7 December LIVE: Cup Quarter Finals 6.14pm
Saturday 7 December LIVE: Cup Quarter Finals 6.36pm
Saturday 7 December LIVE: Cup Quarter Finals 6.58pm
Saturday 7 December LIVE: Cup Quarter Finals 7.20pm
Saturday 7 December LIVE: Cup Semi Finals 10.00pm
Saturday 7 December LIVE: Cup Semi Finals 10.22pm
Sunday 8 December LIVE: Cup Bronze Final 1.00am
Sunday 8 December LIVE: Cup Gold Final 2.02am

Dubai Sevens 2019 Groupings

Pool A: Fiji, France, Argentina, Japan
Pool B: USA, Australia, Scotland, Ireland
Pool C: New Zealand, Samoa, Canada, Wales
Pool D: South Africa, England, Spain, Kenya

2019 World Rugby 7’s Fixtures List

Event Date
Dubai, UAE World 7’s (Men & Women) 5-7 Dec 2019
Cape Town, South Africa 7’s (Men & Women) 13-15 Dec 2018
Hamilton, New Zealand 7’s (Men & Women) 25-26 January, 2020
Sydney, Australia 7’s (Men & Women) 1-2 February, 2020
Las Vegas, USA 7’s 29 Feb – 1 March, 2020
Vancouver, Canada 7’s 7-8 March, 2020
Hong Kong 7s (Men & Women) 3-5 April, 2020
Singapore 7’s 11-12 April, 2020
London, England 7s 23-24 May, 2020
Paris, France 7s (Men & Women) 30-31 May, 2020
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